Student Information

Student Poster/Demo Registration

All Rice student teams with an ELEC member are invited to present at ECE Corporate Affiliates Day. A representative from your team MUST be present the entire time of the poster/demo session. Additionally, if your poster/demo is not setup at the required time, your team will be disqualified from receiving any prizes.

  • You may register your team’s poster/demo here
  • Each member of your team planning to attend Affiliates Day must register individually here
  • Only students presenting a poster/demo are invited to lunch.

Poster Printing Information

The department will provide a board backing (36×48 or half of a 48×84) and an easel, as well as the means to secure your poster to the backing.


  • All students MUST USE the Mudd Building plotters to print. There is a support person at each location.
  • CAUTION: None of the plotters are available late at night (i.e. “graduate student work hours”). Plan ahead to print your poster during normal business hours.
  • Only print your final poster. The department will reimburse each group for ONE 36×48 poster printing on plain paper (which comes out to ~$12).
  • Once your poster is printed you must bring proof of the charge being posted to Emmanuel Tunley for reimbursement.
  • Make sure you only print your final poster. Please do not use poster printouts to find typos and errors. Proofread your poster before you print it.  The department will only cover the cost of ONE poster. Plan to print your poster during normal business hours.

Set-up/layout in Martel Hall 

  • We will start setting up tables, easels and power at 3:00 pm on Thursday, March 22.
  • Your spot will be marked by your demo/poster name.
  • You are encouraged to setup demos/posters early on March 23, 7:00am-8:00am, or the afternoon of March 22.
  • Each demo will have a table (Default 6ft x 30″ wide) and a power plug if requested.  Bring your own extension cord if you need more outlets.
  • Special tech requests MUST be made at least one week in advance.
  • Poster boards for mounting are 48″x48″.  We will provide velcro and tacks to mount the posters.
  • All posters and demos should be completely setup by 11:00 am on the day of the meeting, or your team will be disqualified from awards.
  • You MUST BE PRESENT at the entire demo/poster session to answer questions about your work.
  • People’s Choice Awards will take place after the final keynote.
  • You must take down your poster beginning at 2:30 PM on March 23.


Jennifer Hunter