Courtney Lane

Courtney lane, ’96, anacapa clinical research

Dr. Courtney Lane has over 15 years experience in neuromodulation device development and clinical trials.¬†She earned her B.S.E.E. from Rice University, cum laude, and obtained her Ph.D. at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the Division of Health Sciences and Technology, where her thesis work focused on the neurophysiology of the auditory system. She then worked to develop hearing aid algorithms as a researcher at Rice University with Prof. Don H. Johnson. Upon leaving academia, she was instrumental in the development of the Deep Brain Stimulation program at Boston Scientific, where she worked on all aspects of device development, from R&D and test designs to clinical trial designs and regulatory submissions. She then served as the Director of Clinical Science and Strategy, overseeing a team of clinical scientists developing Boston Scientific Neuromodulation’s clinical trial portfolio. She also served as Vice-President of Clinical Affairs for Axonics Modulation Technologies, where she was responsible for the design and execution of the clinical program of a sacral neuromodulation device. Dr. Lane now works as an independent consultant, working with cutting edge medical device companies in the development of their devices and clinical and regulatory programs.