ECE Corporate Affiliates Day is a showcase of Rice’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Research in the areas of:

Neuroengineering; Data Science; Photonics, Electronics & Nanodevices; Systems & Wireless; Computer Engineering.

This year, the spotlight will be especially focusing on “Engineering in Health” and “Data to Knowledge (D2K).”

Highlights of the day include a poster and demo session by students of all levels, keynotes by leaders in academia and industry, and networking and recruiting opportunities for companies and organizations. Held annually, Affiliates Day marks the pinnacle of research efforts of the department.

Attendees have the opportunity to network with students, faculty and their peers, watch and participate in live demonstrations, and hear keynote talks from big names in industry. In 2019, we welcomed over 300 attendees to the Rice campus, representing the energy, medical, computing and entertainment industries – and many more.