2017 Winners

Best PhD Presenter Award Sponsored by Schlumberger:
Rajoshi Biswas, Amirali Aghazadeh

Best Graduate Poster
Pulse Cam: Design, Development, and Characterization of a new multi-sensor blood perfusion imaging modality
Mayank Kumar

Second Place Graduate Poster:
Ouroboros Wear-Leveling: A Two-level Heirarchical Wear-leveling Model for NVRAM
Qingyue Liu

Best Graduate Demo sponsored by Rice Engineering Alumni:
FlatCam: Computational Lensless Camera
Vivek Boominathan, Jesse Adams

Second Place Graduate Demo
Multi Component Carrier, Sub-Band DPD and GNURadio Implementation
Chance Tarver

Best Senior Design:
FPGA System for Real-Time Seizure Prediction
Erik Biegert, Sarah Hooper, Marissa Levy, Justin Pensock, Luke Van der Spoel, Xiaoran Zhang

Second Place Senior Design:
Patient Specific, Data-Driven, Multisite Pacemaker
Greg Harper, Daniel Zdeblick, Yamin Arefeen, Jorge Quintero, Philip Taffet

Best Undergraduate Research Sponsored by Fish & Richardson
Wrigley: Team DISSECT’s Fun Sized Long Lasting PCB
Christopher Chee, Chris Chivetta

Second Place Undergraduate Research
Rice Digital Gym
Carl Henderson, Titus Deng, Aidan Curtis

ECE Distinguished Student Service Award:
Pratiksha Dongare, Jorge Quintero, Joseph Young